Business Continuity Services of Texas (BCSoTX) is a business continuity management (BCM) services provider based out of Houston, Texas. BCSoTX was looking for a compliance solution that they could provide to their clients in the health care arena, alongside the rest of the BCM services that they provide.

Co-founder Dana Oliva said that “Previous to our adoption of The Guard, we spent months researching HIPAA compliance–often times finding conflicting information–and trying to define what the actual requirements were to satisfy federal regulation.  We were frustrated to say the least.” Dana and his partner, Roy Diaz, needed a solution that could satisfy the existing needs of their clients, while simplifying the compliance process, so they turned to The Guard.

How The Guard Resolved the Challenge

The Guard eliminated the confusion that Dana, Roy, and their team had about HIPAA compliance and regulation. The Guard is built to accommodate practices and organizations of any size or scope, so the BCSoTX team had no problem integrating it into their pre-existing BCM framework. MSPs have the advantage of partnering with Compliancy Group as either Reseller or Affiliate Partners.

The Affiliate Partner Program serves as a means of introducing The Guard to prospective clients. Affiliate Partners receive commission for each client they introduce and are exposed to new business listed among the rest of Compliancy Group’s Affiliates. A Reseller Partner can package The Guard with their own security, BCM, or other IT services and sell it to their clients. Compliancy Group always handles the implementation of an organization’s HIPAA compliance program, so partners can manage their clients while letting our team of compliance coaches manage the regulatory requirements.

Compliancy Group also offers a free educational webinar series that partners can send to their clients as a way of advancing their HIPAA education. We feel that the beginning of any effective compliance program needs to be education and understanding of what the government expects in an effective HIPAA compliance solution.

The Guard simplifies compliance for all parties involved, from MSP partners to the clients they service.

Specific Benefits or Impact

“There was no guessing. The Guard completely eliminated the complexity associated with satisfying the regulatory requirements of HIPAA. We felt like pros by the end of the process, and now we evangelize the importance and ease of The Guard to all of the Covered Entities that we do business with,” said Roy.

And Dana summed it up perfectly: “We know that HIPAA compliance is an evergreen process. Most compliance-as-a-service solutions will only give you snapshot in time. If there are any changes to federal regulation or within an organization itself, health care professionals will find that they’ve fallen out of compliance, and can face penalties and litigation if they’re audited by OCR. With The Guard, our clients can easily identify their deficiencies with a single pane of glass. As documents expire, employees join or leave an organization, or rules or laws are updated, The Guard tracks and notifies users so that they can stay on top of their compliance. The Guard really is the total solution that we were looking for!”