Making HIPAA Easier for Directors & C-Suite

You have plenty to worry about when it comes to your role in the business, compliance shouldn’t be on your list. We’ll determine the correct roles to handle each part of compliance, and streamline the requirements for those departments. Simply delegate tasks to staff members, whether on the security, physical, legal, or administrative side.

Our C-suite software reduces and automates your compliance requirements, and our compliance coaches walk you through the process, ensuring you aren’t missing a thing. Turn compliance legalese into actionable items to protect your business.


How We Help

Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Our complete software and coaching solution is designed for Business Associates so they can confidently achieve HIPAA compliance and work with healthcare accounts.

Sign BAA’s

Signing Business Associate Agreements with your healthcare clients is required by HIPAA. They limit both parties’ liabilities and increase your chance of winning healthcare clients.

Differentiate Your Business

Healthcare is the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. economy. HIPAA compliance allows you to work in healthcare to grow and differentiate your business.

Earn a Verifiable Seal

The Seal of Compliance can be used on your website and in marketing materials to give potential clients confidence that you will keep their information private and secure.

Automating your compliance gives your business protection and peace of mind.

Everything you need for HIPAA compliance, all in one cloud-based solution.