With the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the healthcare industry, executives must ensure that the technology that their organization is using is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance is a complex issue that is constantly evolving to incorporate advancements in technology. 

Part of the issue with securing data is the amount of data that is collected from users on a daily basis. The healthcare industry is adopting new technologies while forgetting about the security measures that need to be in place. When implementing new technology healthcare organizations must consider HIPAA compliance. 

How to Implement AI in Accordance with HIPAA Compliance

  • Access to stored data: HIPAA law requires access management to safeguard protected health information (PHI). Access should only be granted to those that need it as part of their job function. 
  • Data encryption: when your data is processed it passes through a server. Sending data outside an organization means that it passes through a third-party server. Although data sent within your organization does not need to be encrypted it is recommended to do so. Data sent externally, however, must be encrypted.
  • Deidentifying data: when conducting research, HIPAA law does not require patient permission if the data is adequately deidentified. This means that the data used cannot be tied to an individual in any way. If it is even slightly possible that the data can be tied to a specific individual, than it is not in accordance with HIPAA regulations
  • Updated policies and procedures: as stated previously, HIPAA law is constantly changing. When implementing new technology an organization must look to their internal policies to ensure that their procedures are HIPAA compliant. 
  • Business associate agreement (BAA): a business associate agreement must be in place before any PHI can be transmitted. Since AI solutions have contact with PHI, an organization must have a signed BAA with the technology company before they can use any new technologies.

Complete Compliance Solution

Make sure your business and the tools you use to run it are compliant.

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