In the past, using a HIPAA compliance binder was a popular way to address compliance requirements, but it’s no longer considered best practice. There are several reasons why that’s the case, including a tendency to rely on outdated guidance.

Since a HIPAA Compliance Binder is not an effective way to meet your requirements, what is effective? A HIPAA booklet? What about a HIPAA pamphlet? 

Each of these methods is incomplete. You need a solution that will not only help you meet your HIPAA requirements but also track your efforts.

Automate Your HIPAA Compliance with Software

Compliance by binder can be challenging to track and manage. An automated HIPAA compliance software solution provides the best way to track your compliance.

How is software better than a HIPAA compliance binder?

  1. Single-pane view into your overall compliance status upon login
  2. Assign training with the click of a button, track employee progress, and store employee attestations
  3. Store HIPAA policies and procedures with easy access from the dashboard
  4. Send vendor questionnaires and business associate agreements, and store responses
  5. Answer HIPAA audit questions and store responses, automated gap identification, and remediation assignments
  6. Anonymously report incidents to your compliance officer

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It’s Not Time to Dust Off Your HIPAA Compliance Binder

Leave that old HIPAA compliance binder where it’s always been, collecting dust on some shelf somewhere. Please don’t go looking for that old HIPAA booklet or pamphlet either. 

Save yourself from the headache of figuring out: 

  • Which policies and procedures are up to date
  • When was the last time you completed a risk assessment
  • If all employees are up to date on their training 
  • If you have signed business associate agreements in place

Use The Guard automated HIPAA software for all of your compliance needs. A simplified solution for the busy practice.

Complete Compliance Solution

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