Optometric Medical Solutions

Optometric Medical Solutions Revolutionizes HIPAA Compliance with The Guard

Optometric Medical Solutions (OMS), a managed eye care practice based in San Antonio, Texas, is dedicated to assisting optometric practices in embracing the medical model. However, OMS faced a challenge when it came to their clients’ varying levels of HIPAA compliance. In order to overcome this obstacle and ensure comprehensive solutions, OMS turned to The Guard.

The Challenge: Addressing Diverse Levels of HIPAA Compliance

Jerry Godwin, President of OMS, recognized that their clients had a wide range of HIPAA compliance measures in place. Some had no measures at all, while others implemented incorrect policies without understanding their implications. Very few clients had attempted to establish an effective HIPAA compliance program. To accommodate this spectrum of needs, OMS needed a solution that could cater to all levels of compliance.

The Solution: Incorporating The Guard into Existing Services

In response to this challenge, OMS decided to integrate The Guard into their existing services. By offering The Guard alongside:

  • Credentialing
  • Insurance Verification
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Practice Consulting
  • Training Services

OMS provided their clients with a complete HIPAA compliance solution. This approach ensured seamless integration and convenience for both OMS and their clientele.

Ensuring Internal Compliance: Efficiency & Effectiveness

Recognizing the importance of internal compliance within their own organization, Jerry and his team sought a way to implement HIPAA regulations effectively and demonstrate accountability to their clients. Under the Omnibus Rule passed in 2013, all Business Associates must fully comply with HIPAA regulations. As an MSP subject to the same rules, OMS needed to address their own organizational compliance while delivering total solutions for their clients.

Becoming Users of The Guard: Working With Compliancy Group

By partnering with Compliancy Group as users of The Guard, MSPs like OMS undergo the same implementation process as their clients. This allows them to verify their HIPAA compliance and become familiar with the functionalities of The Guard. Through this process, OMS ensures their own adherence to regulations while utilizing the expertise and tracking capabilities provided by our software.

The Benefits: Simplifying Compliance Management

Jerry praised The Guard for providing a system that guides OMS in managing their clients’ HIPAA compliance. Without this tool, he expressed concerns about effectively demonstrating compliance to Covered Entities. Comparing it to QuickBooks for HIPAA compliance, Jerry highlighted The Guard’s simplicity and ability to streamline updates and add-ons to federal regulations. Accessible through a web-based platform from any location with internet access, our software offers users all levels of HIPAA proficiency the means to achieve, illustrate and maintain total compliance with the law.

Thus, OMS successfully tackled the challenge of diverse HIPAA compliance needs by integrating The Guard into their suite of services. This comprehensive solution not only benefits their clients but also ensures OMS’ own adherence to regulatory standards. By simplifying compliance management, The Guard has revolutionized how OMS navigates and demonstrates compliance to Covered Entities.