Optometric Medical Solutions

Optometric Medical Solutions (OMS) is a managed service provider (MSP) based out of San Antonio, Texas. They focus on providing comprehensive management services and systems to optometric practices, helping them embrace the medical model.

Jerry Godwin, President of OMS, was searching for a compliance solution that he could provide to his clients. “But the problem was that our clients were all over the board in terms of their HIPAA compliance,” Jerry said. “They ranged from having no compliance measures in place at all, to having implemented the wrong policies and having no clue what they meant. Very few of our clients had even attempted to properly implement a HIPAA compliance program at all, so we needed to find a solution that could accommodate the whole spectrum.”

How The Guard Resolved the Challenge

OMS chose to package The Guard alongside the existing services they offer, giving their clients the ability to incorporate a total HIPAA compliance solution into the rest of the credentialing, insurance verification, Revenue Cycle Management (claims management), practice consulting, and training services that they offer.

Jerry and his team were also concerned with the status of their own HIPAA compliance. “As a business, we needed to think: how do we implement HIPAA into our organization, hold ourselves accountable to a standard, and demonstrate this for our clients?”

The Omnibus Rule, passed in 2013, requires that all Business Associates must be fully compliant with HIPAA regulation. MSPs like OMS as beholden to these same regulations, and need to address the status of their own organizational compliance while providing a total solution for their clients as well.

When MSPs partner with Compliancy Group, they also become users of The Guard. They go through the same implementation process as their clients, so that they can verify their HIPAA compliance and familiarize themselves with how The Guard works.

“The Guard provides the system, the expertise, and the tracking to guide us through implementing an effective HIPAA compliance program.” The Guard gives users with any level of HIPAA proficiency the means to achieve, illustrate, and maintain total compliance with the law. Our team of compliance coaches guide users through the implementation process, taking into account the unique needs of each organization–regardless of the status of their compliance.

Specific Benefits or Impact

“The Guard provides a system, a road map that we can follow to understand how to navigate and manage our clients’ HIPAA compliance,” said Jerry. “Without The Guard, I would seriously worry about how we could illustrate our compliance to our Covered Entities.”

“The Guard is like QuickBooks for HIPAA compliance.” Jerry continued, “It’s a simple, total compliance solution that takes the heavy lifting out of managing updates and add-ons to federal regulation, all from a single, web-based platform that can be accessed anywhere you have internet access.”