Interested in offering HIPAA compliance as
a Managed Service Provider?

MSPs are finding a huge niche in the healthcare market due to the increasing demand for HIPAA compliance in the small to mid sized market. Not only is compliance required, but it helps justify your advanced security services through risk assessment and other security assessments that they are required to conduct. With these assessments pushing your advanced security services, HIPAA compliance allows you to sell moire services with less work!

  • Justify advanced security services

  • Bill for additional services and risk assessments

  • Achieve HIPAA compliance

  • Increase your MRR and Profits

  • Differentiate Your Business


“Managed Service Providers MUST stand out from the crowd in order to compete and avoid being stuck in the whirlpool race to the bottom. Working with the Compliancy Group, MSPs who offer compliance-as-a-service have a 97% higher chance of winning new business versus those who don’t, and generate an easy 150% revenue growth.”

Stuart Crawford, Ulistic

Why is Healthcare an important vertical for MSPs?

With 70% of the Healthcare market being noncompliant with HIPAA, there is a huge opportunity for Managed Service Providers to offer compliance as a service to their clients. By working with Compliancy Group you leverage the experience and expertise of the leading compliance software in the market, as well as their team of Compliance Coaches.

Using Compliancy Group you let us take the challenge and confusion around HIPAA compliance, while we send the security work your way.  This way you can get all the benefits of HIPAA compliance without any of the lability. This simple and cost-effective solution can be used by your organization to address Business Associate agreements or be added to any Managed Service Provider HIPAA bundle of provided services.

Start Offering HIPAA Compliance

Attract new clients and grow your business.