Mental Health’s HIPAA Compliance Software Solution

HIPAA compliance as a Federal Regulation affects health care organizations of every size and scope. Compliancy Group believes that HIPAA compliance for professionals in the Mental Health and Behavioral Health fields is especially important because of the sensitive nature of the data and the patients you serve.

Our web-based compliance solution, The Guard, simplifies HIPAA compliance for Mental and Behavioral Health professionals with the ability to Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain™ compliance with confidence, no matter the size of your practice or the level of your HIPAA education. Learn more about HIPAA for mental health professionals today.

Become Confident in your HIPAA compliance.

  • Live Compliance Coach

  • Business Associate Management

  • Self Auditing Questionnaires

  • Gap Monitoring and Remediation

  • Incident Management

  • Document and Version Control

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HIPAA Compliance for Mental Health

“HIPAA compliance poses a persistent problem for behavioral health professionals who deal with protected health information on a regular basis. When it comes to the kinds of treatment specific to the behavioral and mental health fields, doctors and organizations face a complicated web of grey areas that intersect with federal health care regulation.”

Kristin Walker, Mental Health News Radio