Should You Look for “HIPAA Compliance Near Me”?

HIPAA compliance near me

Hardly a day goes by without hearing a pitch to “shop small” or “buy local.” It’s an appealing idea–supporting local businesses and strengthening your local economy.

But is a local provider the best choice for all products and services? Should you look for “HIPAA Compliance Near Me”?

HIPAA Compliance Near Me: Why Do You Need It?

There are many reasons given for shopping near you, ranging from supporting local businesses, keeping tax dollars at home, or even saving the planet by cutting down on carbon emissions created by transporting items long distances.

That can make sense for items like fruits and vegetables or baked goods. An apple from a local orchard is likely to be better in quality than one picked early and shipped across the country. Even if it’s the same quality, an apple is usually just an apple. Worst case scenario? You get one with a worm in it and have to throw it away.

HIPAA compliance is a detailed process governed by federal laws, enforced by federal employees, with severe financial, reputational, and possibly criminal penalties for violations. Those kinds of consequences could result in you having a new local address at the “Graybar Hotel.” You’re better off eating a bad apple than picking the wrong path for HIPAA compliance. 

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HIPAA Compliance Near Me: Closer Isn’t Always Better

If you had a family member facing a serious medical condition, would you choose a local doctor who had never treated that malady, just because they were the nearest option? Most people would want the best treatment possible, regardless of the distance involved. 

When you’re facing matters of the law like HIPAA regulations, you need the best guidance you can get. Your local attorney could read the law, examine the results of administrative hearings, and build a plan that might work. Who knows how long it might take, what other services you would need to contract, or if it would even be the right course of action?

It makes more sense to choose a company with a proven HIPAA compliance program, built with the guidance of former HIPAA compliance auditors, and regulatory attorneys. You need a company that understands what is needed, and how to customize it to fit your specific needs, with a dedicated team of employees that walk with you to achieve your goals. Compliancy Group checks all those boxes.

HIPAA Compliance Near Me: The Choice

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between local service and getting the best outcome. With the power of remote meetings and video conferencing, you can get the highest level of HIPAA compliance services delivered directly to your desktop from Compliancy Group.

A dedicated Compliance Coach guides you through our automated software, The Guard, which automatically identifies gaps and remediation strategies, develops policies and procedures, delivers required training for you and your employees, and satisfies every standard needed to demonstrate a good-faith effort of HIPAA compliance.

If you were able to get all of this from a local consultant, the cost would likely be astronomical and could take hundreds of hours. Compliancy Group’s solution is a fraction of what is charged by local consultants and can be completed as much as 80% faster. 

The best advice? Buy your produce at the farmers’ market. Get your HIPAA compliance from Compliancy Group.

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