At first glance, HIPAA can seem overwhelming.

Schedule a demo of our software and find out how simple HIPAA compliance can be.

Healthcare Compliance Software Demo


What will you learn in the demo?

With all the confusion and frustration with HIPAA it is hard to understand what your organization needs to do and how to track it once it’s in place. Learn how our software and support take the confusion and questions out of HIPAA compliance, making you confident in your HIPAA compliance.

What will you see?

Easily View All Of Your Tasks

Healthcare Compliance Software Dashboard (1)

Your Compliance Dashboard shows you all of the tasks you need to complete. Get a snapshot of your vendors, employees’ training progress, remediation efforts, assessment completion status, and more.

Track and Store Employee Training

Grey Sloan Training

Engaging video training for your employees to stay current on the HIPAA regulations that pertain to them. Track, store, and manage all training and attestations.

Create Personalized Policies & Procedures

Healthcare Compliance Software Policies and Procedures

There’s no reason to start from scratch. Get a head start with personalized and templated documents that adhere to the HIPAA regulations.

Complete Your Security Risk Analysis & Required Assessments

Grey Sloan Security Risk Analysis & Required Assessments

See how the software helps you complete your required Security Risk Analysis. All you need to do is answer a series of yes or no questions to assess your HIPAA risk – the software will automatically identify your gaps and build remediation around them.

What Does the Software Include?

Live Support

Our customer success team provides guidance in navigating the software, assists with the implementation process, and addresses any questions.


Train, track, and manage your entire staff’s HIPAA training with comprehensive videos, personalized certificates, and attestations.

HIPAA Risk Assessments

We will walk you through all six required security audits to identify gaps and create remediation plans to fix them.

Risk Scoring

The Guard highlights what controls need highest prioritization to protect your organization. Now you can identify, prioritize, and mitigate compliance risks effectively.