The industry has been in need to a complete HIPAA compliance solution and the Compliancy Group has answered with The Guard.  The Guard is your all in one HIPAA compliance solution for any size Business Associate or Covered Entity.  The Guard allows anyone to achieve HIPAA compliance from the overworked compliance officer to the front desk manager assigned the task of compliance.    No more struggling with the complex rules and regulations of HIPAA, find out more about The Guard today!

The Guard can provide everything you need to show not only Business Associates but also prove to the HHS that you have done your due diligence and are HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA compliance is an ongoing task, don’t let it get ahead of you.  Use The Guard tracking of training and certification, along with the ability to track your incidents, and even notify the HHS directly of a breach.

Security Risk Assessment– Need to attest for meaningful use? The Guard’s built in SRA will meet the requirements for year 1 meaningful use core measure 15 and year 2 core measure 9.

Policy and Procedures- Every company is required to have a set of their own policy and procedures and The Guard has your back. We provide you with your very own policies and procedures that can be accessed from anywhere with a computer so you can keep your staff up to date and monitor there attestation of them.

Business Associates– The Guard has built in BAA templates and tracks and stores those templates on the cloud for ease of access.

HIPAA Training– With our built in HIPAA training module any of your employees are able to log onto the Guard and begin the module, view the annual training, and sign off that they have completed on their time.

Incident management– The biggest fear of most Covered Entities and Business Associates is a HIPAA breach. With the Guard you are able to log any and all breaches on the guard and keep track of how you handled it and you remediated it to preventing it from happening again

HIPAA Helpers– You’re never alone with our HIPAA Helpers. In additions to our hands on implementation with your very own HIPAA professional you have access to our HIPAA hotline where a HIPAA Helper is available to answer any of your HIPAA questions when you have them.

Changes to federal regulations– All future changes to any HIPAA regulations are all updated with in the Guard keeping you confident that you are doing everything in your power to achieve HIPAA compliance

Multi Location Management– With The Guard you can monitor all of your locations policies and procedures and well as employee training from the comfort of your desk. With administrator access you control what they see and when they see it, making it the most powerful HIPAA compliance solution on the market.

This is just the start of what The Guard; Our complete HIPAA compliance solution can do for you, fill out the form below to find out everything it has to offer.