HIPAA Compliance Tools

The task of HIPAA compliance can at first seem difficult to overcome. With all the different aspects, challenges, regulations, and questions you may have it is important to have the right HIPAA compliance tools in place. Compliancy Group strives to address all aspects of HIPAA compliance with our HIPAA compliance tool, The Guard. Other tools in the market focus on pieces of the regulation but are unable to help you fully achieve HIPAA compliance. Our HIPAA compliance tool specifically focuses on helping your business complete all aspects of the regulation. and was created from ex-auditors to help make sure you could be confident in your HIPAA compliance.

Why is our HIPAA compliance tool different?

We understand handing you a tool, and assuming you will be able to understand every government written policy is a lot to ask. This is why we made the choice to serve our clients differently than the entire industry. Our team of Compliance Coaches will not only teach you how to sue the software, but will walk you through the regulation, helping you answer every question to the best of your ability. Using this approach we can confidently say that none of our clients have ever failed an OCR?HHS audit!


HIPAA Compliance Tool

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