HIPAA and EHR’s: Taking your practice to the next level

Two essential technologies Practices can leverage to differentiate themselves in today’s health care market are EHR platforms and HIPAA compliance solutions. EHR platforms give you a secure way to maintain and organize your patient records. When dealing with sensitive health care data, it’s essential to take HIPAA compliance into account, as well.

Federal HIPAA regulation requires all health care providers to comply with national security and privacy standards to safeguard protected health information (PHI). PHI is any information that can be used to identify a patient – which can include patient name, date of birth, Social Security Number, health care information, address, phone number or a full facial photo.

EHR data is considered PHI under HIPAA regulation. That’s why it’s essential for you to adopt a HIPAA compliance program in conjunction with your EHR platform. The two go hand-in-hand to protect your practice, all while providing patients with a higher quality of care.