Protect yourself and your clients – even having one medical client makes HIPAA apply to you.

  • Achieve Compliance

  • Protect Yourself and Your Clients

  • Grow Your Business

  • Stand Out From Competitors

  • Create a Culture of Compliance

  • Justify Advanced Security Services

  • Increase MRR
  • Triple Profits
  • Achieve HIPAA Compliance
  • Differentiate your Business

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Become HIPAA Compliant

As a company that deals with PHI, you are required by law to become HIPAA compliant. Now you have a simple way to get through the process. Additionally, your employees need to be aware of their HIPAA requirements and it is your responsibility to ensure that your entire staff is well trained in HIPAA.

Make Compliance Grow Your Business

Selling your services as line items can be difficult. Using our Coaches and audits, your clients will be required to implement advanced security to close their open gaps. This leaves you with a third party pushing the need for things like secure messaging, encryption, business continuities in the form of back-up and disaster recovery, and system monitoring/auditing.

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