HIPAA For Pharmacies

Under HIPAA regulation, pharmacies are considered Covered Entities, which means that they fall under the Privacy and Security Rules. HIPAA breaches involving pharmacies have been widely publicized in the media over the past few years, and many retail and independent pharmacies are facing serious fines and other penalties.

Due to the high volume of PHI pharmacies handle and the many hands it passes through from day-to-day operations to disposal, implementing an effective HIPAA compliance solution is paramount to the success and reputation of your pharmacy.

In addition to HIPAA Privacy and Security standards, pharmacies will also conduct business with other companies that have access to their PHI. These can range from medical billing companies, consulting companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, or anyone else who’s hired to handle PHI.

With upwards of $27 million in fines levied for HIPAA violations in 2016 alone, it’s more important now than ever before for pharmacies to implement an effective HIPAA compliance solution. Having all of the necessary safeguards in place, including Business Associate Agreements, Risk Assessments, and more is the best way to ensure that HIPAA for your pharmacy is in order.

HIPAA for Pharmacies doesn’t have to be hard…

  • Business Associate Management
  • Self Auditing Questionnaires
  • Gap Monitoring and Remediation
  • Incident Management
  • Document and Version Control
  • Use and Disclosure Tracking

“We looked at all the options and The Guard did it all! We achieved HIPAA compliance quickly and easily.”

Jim O, Horizon Medical