Medical Organization Case Study

A growing, multi-specialty practice in Upstate New York  was faced with the daunting task of providing Meaningful Use Stage 1 core requirement 15, Stage 2 Core Requirement 9, and HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance.   With 30 plus sites, spread out over wide area of New York, standardizing and completing such a review was looking to be extremely expensive and unattainable to maintain.

How The Guard resolved the challenge:

The Group contacted Compliancy Group LLC to seek information and solutions of how they could attain their goal of compliance, not only with HIPAA and Meaningful Use but all regulations they needed to comply with.  The solution they learned about was The Guard.  The Guard is web based software that allows any organization to correctly Achieve, Maintain, and Illustrate compliance.  To Achieve Compliance the organization was provided with a complete Risk Analysis that covered the Administrative, Technical, and Physical aspects of all rules of HIPAA.  After completing the audits, The Group was then able to create, at anytime, a current Risk Analysis that identified all the deficiencies The Group had.

Once the Deficiencies or Gaps were identified, The Group was able to create remediation plans online that all administrators could access, update, and complete.  The Guards Document Manager allowed The Group to create new policies and procedures, store all necessary documentation for compliance, and store it for the necessary 6 years as prescribed by law.  The document manager even keeps all versions of a specific document.   To Maintain Compliance, The Guard’s Alerts and Reminders were set to remind The Group that compliance is not a one and done situation, it is ongoing.  With some 30 plus sites, The Group needed a system that could separate out by site the necessary documentation that showed how each individual site was complying with the HIPAA regulations, The Guard was built specifically to address this situation.

Specific Benefits or impact gained

Today, The Group enjoys the ability to Illustrate at anytime what they have accomplished as it relates to HIPAA or Meaningful Use Compliance.  They can show that they have successfully audited each site and that they have up to date policies and procedures that every employee has successfully attested that they understand. They also enjoy the ability to have multiple administrators access their compliance plan and keep it up to date, whether its the Privacy Officer having to deal with an Incident or the Security Officer having to update the device list and how the device is being protected.  The Guard, being web based, allows them the satisfaction that they can always access their compliance program for anywhere.

We are fortunate to have the excellent services of the Compliancy Group LLC and their technological solutions to make managing this area a breeze!  Our experience with this firm has proven to be very effective, collegial and they are always prompt to reply to any needs or questions” states the CEO.