Why is HIPAA compliance important
for printing and mailing services?

Printing and mailing services are subject to the full extent of federal HIPAA regulation as Business Associates if they come into contact with PHI in any way. HIPAA regulation considers any organization that handles PHI to be a Business Associate and requires full compliance under the law. Thus, utilization of HIPAA compliant mailing and printing is critical to maintaining overall compliance. Achieving HIPAA compliance is essential to operating as a Business Associate looking to help service their clients, while protecting themselves from legal ramifications. HIPAA compliance is an effective way for Business Associates to differentiate their business from competitors who fail to understand the value of compliance.

Printing and mail services can use The Guard to become HIPAA compliant to protect themselves from financial and legal liabilities.

HIPAA for print and mail services

  • Become HIPAA compliant
  • Differentiate your services
  • Gain and retain clients
  • Protect your business

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Why You Should Care About HIPAA?

Printing and mailing companies are often trusted with confidential patient information, such as when a healthcare client contracts them to handle the printing and mailing of patients’ “Explanation of Benefits” statements. These statements include a myriad of protected health information such as members’ names, member identification numbers, claim numbers, dates of service, description of services, service codes, and/or provider/facility names.

When working with healthcare clients, business associates can be held liable when they cause a breach that risks the privacy or security of protected health information. Recently, two printing companies were fined $130,000 for unintentionally exposing patient information due to a printing error that cause the first page of patients’ Explanation of Benefits statements to be mailed to the wrong patient. Although the incident was accidental, by conducting reasonable due diligence the printing companies could have avoided the incident.

HIPAA Compliant Printing and Mailing

There are certain HIPAA requirements that printing and mailing companies have to meet to be considered compliant. HIPAA compliant printing and mailing companies:

  • Conduct annual risk assessments and implement remediation plans to address deficiencies
  • Have written HIPAA policies and procedures
  • Have signed business associate agreements with all of their healthcare clients
  • Conduct annual employee HIPAA training
  • Have a system in place for identifying, responding to, and reporting breaches

It can be difficult to address all of HIPAA requirements on your own. By working with Compliancy Group to address your compliance, you can be confident that you are addressing the full extent of the regulation. With newly designed software and Compliance Coach guidance, becoming HIPAA compliant has never been easier.

Learn How Simple Compliance Can Be

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