Click2Mail Case Study

Click2Mail Case Study

Click2Mail provides a web-based mailing creation and management service to their clients. Operating as an accredited affiliate to the United States Postal Service, Click2Mail helps deliver and fulfill letters and packages for businesses and organizations across the country.

Before Click2Mail decided to use The Guard to manage their HIPAA compliance, Karla Humphrey, Senior Business Coordinator, and her team had looked into another solution on the market. She tried to work with it, but found that she was missing the hands-on approach that Click2Mail would require. She was given policies and procedures, and told to adapt those to what she needed for her business. Karla’s solution also didn’t include any formal review process, so the implementation of all those policies and procedures were left completely up to her and her team.

“They were responsive if we had questions, but we were looking for a one-stop-shop with the ability to manage and simplify the compliance process. We needed the full package,” Karla said. Upon turning to Compliancy Group, Karla quickly found that The Guard could satisfy Click2Mail’s HIPAA compliance concerns with its built-in management and tracking capabilities and guidance all along the way.

How The Guard Resolved the Challenge

Before Karla switched to Compliancy Group, she was frustrated by Click2Mail’s current compliance solution. Compared to the other software she looked at, she found that The Guard could perform significantly more functions that worked for managing compliance.

Karla said that she works closely with Click2Mail’s IT department. Once they got their hands on The Guard, they found that it fit their needs as security experts as well. The Guard provides a solution accessible by all employees, regardless of the scope of their job or their familiarity with HIPAA regulation, providing the necessary tools to manage privacy, security, and total HIPAA compliance. Employees can attend and attest to training straight from The Guard. The Guard is web-based and can be accessed over any wi-fi connection. Employees are given a unique account, so their actions can be tracked, and their access to documents can be granted or withheld depending on individual employee-requirements.

Karla found that the ability to keep track of employee-access and training took significant stress out of the process of managing her team. No longer did she need to spend time looking up individual employee records because The Guard makes that information easy to access. In the event that an employee hasn’t completed their required training, Karla can simply send them a quick reminder, getting her whole team up to speed just by using The Guard.

“What really pushed me to The Guard, though, was the fact that this other solution we were looking into had add-on costs any time changes were made to the law. In other words, they wanted to charge us extra just so that we could keep up-to-date with our compliance,” Karla said. “We still do a separate, formal training for our employees once a year, and The Guard even made it easy to track and store all of that information as well. I can use the training that’s built into The Guard to fulfill my employees’ HIPAA training, and track all their other training by inputting the information myself, making it easy to incorporate HIPAA compliance into everything else we already do.”

Specific Benefits or Impact

Click2Mail switched to Compliancy Group for a total solution that would simplify HIPAA compliance and fit into the needs of their organization. The Guard is a tracking solution that makes managing and training employees as simple as logging into the web.

Partial-solutions like the one that Karla looked into before choosing The Guard are often adept at providing cookie-cutter policies and procedures, but they leave clients in the dark when it comes to actually understanding and implementing their solutions.

Subscriptions to The Guard include access to our team of expert compliance coaches, who take the time to educate and implement our solution through weekly calls and meetings. Compliancy Group gave Click2Mail the HIPAA compliance solution they needed with the support and adaptability to work with their pre-existing organizational requirements.

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