How Can You Get Your HIPAA Validation Letter?

HIPAA Validation Letter

Proving your HIPAA compliance is important for multiple reasons. It can help you get new business, keep existing business, and save you from costly fines. But, as you’ve researched how you can do this, you found out that there’s no way to become HIPAA certified. So what do you do? Well, a HIPAA validation letter holds weight in all of those scenarios.

What is a HIPAA Validation Letter?

HIPAA validation letters are a powerful tool to demonstrate your dedication to HIPAA compliance. Third-party compliance providers, such as Compliancy Group, provide a HIPAA validation letter to clients that complete the steps required by HIPAA to prove their good-faith effort towards compliance.

What is a good-faith effort? 

Since HIPAA is an ongoing process, the Department of Health and Human Services asks healthcare organizations to make a good-faith effort to comply with HIPAA standards. This means that there are certain measures that must be taken to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information (PHI). These efforts must also be documented.

To be HIPAA compliant (and earn a HIPAA validation letter) organizations must:

  1. Conduct annual security risk assessments and close gaps with remediation efforts
  2. Have written HIPAA policies and procedures
  3. Train employees on HIPAA best practices
  4. Have signed business associate agreements
  5. Have a system in place for detecting, responding to, and reporting breaches

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA automation software, the Guard, includes everything you need to prove your good-faith effort towards compliance. Through its verification and validation process, clients can be confident in their compliance. Clients that complete their HIPAA compliance process using the Guard are in a good position to prove their compliance in the event of a HIPAA audit with support from us. We have never failed an audit on behalf of our clients!

HIPAA Validation with the Seal of Compliance

Another way that Compliancy Group helps you with your HIPAA validation is through its HIPAA Seal of Compliance. The HIPAA Seal is an industry-recognized validation and verification tool for compliance.

The Seal is awarded to clients that have successfully implemented their compliance program using Compliancy Group’s HIPAA automation software, the Guard. It is a great differentiator as it can be displayed on clients’ websites, in their email signatures, and other marketing material. 

Get Your HIPAA Validation Letter

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