How Connecting with Patients Quickly is the
Best Medicine for Your Healthcare Practice.

Tuesday, May 29th at 2:00 ET/11:00 PT

Connecting with patients is key to better outcomes, and running a profitable practice. Studies show that U.S. hospitals lose $12 billion/year due to poor communications. In fact, it’s not about the content of the conversation but matching the style in which you deliver it with the style of the people who are hearing it.

In this short informative webinar you’ll learn why its critical to focus on the “missing link” in communications and selling skills training: The Human Factor. You’ll see

  • How people communicate
  • Where and why communication breakdowns typically occur
  • Four distinct communication styles that define the way people prefer to receive information
  • How to easily identify and adapt to each of the styles to consistently achieve more effective communication

The result of this proven process is significantly enhancing relationships and dramatically enhanced business results.

“As a leader of clinical research teams, it would have helped me to be more skilled in developing human relationships.  It’s clear that the next generation of doctors can no longer rely only on respect for their authority, and that your teaching about how to quickly connect and establish trust with people is a key ingredient in producing quality patient outcomes.”

Max Fink, MD, Neurologist; Author, Distinguished Professor Stony Brook University, School of Medicine; technical advisor to Russell Crowe for the movie “A Beautiful Mind”

Ellen Cooperperson is the CEO and Chief Learning Officer of Cooperperson Performance Consultants. As a thought leader, consultant and trusted advisor, Ellen has taught thousands of participants: from CEOs and CLOs, to directors and management, to teams and the workforce.  Her transformative learning and development programs motivate people to communicate effectively and understand the value of language in cultural change. A pioneer in executive coaching, she has been instrumental in boosting employee effectiveness and maximizing individual, team, and corporate performance from entrepreneurial companies to multi-national organizations.