How to Get the Best HIPAA Training

Best HIPAA Training

Healthcare providers and the companies that serve them know that HIPAA has many requirements. These requirements include training employees on their responsibilities under the law. There are many ways to accomplish this, but what should you look for in the best HIPAA training?

The Best HIPAA Training Occurs at the Right Time

According to a survey referenced in a recent article on the Society of Human Resource Management website:

  • 35 percent of respondents offered HIPAA training between one and five years ago 
  • 13 percent provided training only during onboarding
  • 10 percent did not know when HIPAA training was last offered

That means less than half of respondents conduct training annually as HIPAA rules and regulations require. Violations like this can lead to substantial fines.

The Best HIPAA Training Reaches the Right People

HIPAA applies to all healthcare employees who create, amend, use, or process patients’ protected health information (PHI), in paper or electronic format (ePHI). It also applies to the employees of any vendor (defined as a business associate by HIPAA) who receives, stores, processes, analyzes, or destroys PHI.

For a healthcare practice or business associate to be fully HIPAA compliant, they must train all employees to know their responsibilities under the law if they come in contact with patient PHI.

Make Sure You’re HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA training is just one piece of compliance. Compliancy Group offers a total HIPAA solution that is easy to use.