How to Make Your Company HIPAA Compliant

How to Make Your Company HIPAA Compliant

Root canals, sewer backups, and car breakdowns are three events most people dread. As terrible as they are, many people would gladly choose any one of them over going through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant. Achieving HIPAA compliance can be painful, messy, and inconvenient if you face the challenge alone.

Today we will present two options for how to make your company HIPAA compliant.

How to Make Your Company HIPAA Compliant – Begin Where You Are

Three important things to remember regarding HIPAA compliance:

  1. The primary focus of HIPAA compliance is patients’ protected health information (PHI). Whether it’s in a physical or electronic (ePHI) format, the law is concerned with the privacy and security of PHI and patients’ right-of-access to that information.
  2. Compliance is like being pregnant… you either are or you are not. The enforcement authorities at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) do not give partial credit for partial compliance. It’s either all or nothing.
  3. Compliance is not a one-and-done thing. Certain activities must be done each year and records must be kept of everything you do. Not only do OCR investigators not give partial credit, but they also expect you to show your work each year. If you have no proof, you have no compliance.

With that in mind, HIPAA regulations require a security risk assessment (SRA) of your business each year as part of five or six required audits (depending on whether the business is a covered entity or a business associate). These audits provide a comprehensive overview of your organization’s current security, privacy, and administrative compliance.

You can choose to complete these audits alone or you can choose to use Compliancy Group’s compliance automation software, The Guard. The Guard breaks down these audits into a series of yes-no questions that can be answered by one individual or delegated to subject matter experts within your organization. On average, individuals using The Guard complete this step at least 80% faster than those who go it alone.

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How to Make Your Company HIPAA Compliant – What You Are Missing and How Can You Fix It?

After you complete the audit, you then must compare your current standards to the guidelines specified in