Is eFax HIPAA Compliant

eFax is a software provider that allows users to easily send and receive faxes via email. But is eFax HIPAA compliant? Whether or not eFax is a HIPAA compliant fax service is discussed.

Is eFax HIPAA Compliant: Security Features

For a software provider to be considered HIPAA compliant, it must enable security features to safeguard protected health information (PHI). As such, a HIPAA compliant fax service requires certain security features. 

eFax, a HIPAA compliant online fax service, offers the following security features to secure sensitive data:

Is eFax HIPAA Compliant

Access Controls. eFax allows administrators to designate access to data to authorized users through the user of unique login credentials. Their software also prevents users from forwarding emails to other users who are not authorized to access the data.

Audit Controls. eFax automatically archives faxes and tracks which users transmit the faxes.

Encryption. Faxes sent through eFax are encrypted while in motion (when the fax is sent) and at rest (stored faxes).

Transmission Security. Faxes are transmitted through a virtual private network (VPN) preventing unauthorized users from accessing the data as it is transmitted.

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