Is TigerText HIPAA Compliant

TigerConnect is a communications platform that allows users to send secure messages, photos, videos, notes, and voice recordings through their TigerText service. TigerConnect specifically designed their product with healthcare workers in mind, allowing treating physicians to text patients information regarding their care, but is TigerText HIPAA compliant? Find out below.

TigerText and HIPAA Compliant Security Features

Assessing a software application’s security features is one of the most important aspects of determining its HIPAA compliance

TigerText offers the following security features:

  • End-to-end encryption: prevents unauthorized access to the TigerText platform by restricting access to only those possessing a decryption key.
  • PIN locks: requires users to enter a PIN before they are permitted access to the platform.
  • Full administrator controls: allows administrators to designate access levels to employees based on their job role. It also enables access to be revoked for devices that are lost or stolen.

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TigerText and Business Associate Agreements

Business associate agreements (BAAs) are a key component of HIPAA compliance. Software providers are considered business associates when they create, receive, transmit, or store protected health information (PHI) on behalf of their clients. As part of HIPAA’s requirements, BAAs must be signed with business associates before it is permitted to use their services.

When a software provider is unwilling or unable to sign a BAA, their service cannot be used in conjunction with PHI. Luckily, TigerConnect will sign a BAA with their users.

HIPAA Implications of Texting Patient Information

To text patients anything other than appointment reminders, HIPAA requires providers to obtain prior written consent from patients to do so. It is required to have policies and procedures in place regarding texting protocols, and to train employees on texting best practices. It is also important to note that traditional texting platforms are not HIPAA compliant as they do not provide adequate privacy and security protections, and will not sign BAAs.

Is TigerText HIPAA Compliant?

Is TigerText HIPAA compliant? Yes, TigerText can be HIPAA compliant provided users have a signed BAA with TigerConnect before using the platform, and that the service is used according to HIPAA guidelines.

For more information on TigerConnect and HIPAA, please click here.

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