Webinar- The Next Healthcare Registry Frontier:

Leveraging Research Data to Enhance Quality Improvement Initiatives

After years of healthcare quality improvement being described in terms borrowed from the manufacturing sector, the focus is shifting from efficiency to outcomes. Payers and patients alike now expect providers to leverage data beyond those captured in the course of care delivery, most notably data generated from relevant clinical research and reported by patients. Leveraging data outside of the traditional care continuum can unlock valuable insights for use in risk adjustment, population-based patient management, and patient-provider engagement. Join us to learn about important considerations and opportunities for enhancing your QI initiatives with data from research, patient-reports, and other non-traditional channels.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what is possible for enhancing QI initiatives with research data

  • Understand how predicted legislation and rule-making can
    affect your QI strategy

  • Identify opportunities to start improving your QI initiatives today