With HIPAA audits and OCR investigations on the rise, health care professionals who handle PHI can significantly benefit from a mock HIPAA audit. By conducting a mock HIPAA audit or a “self audit” we allow you to fully assess how you would fare through a HIPAA audit if an OCR auditor walked through your doors today.

Even though a mock HIPAA audit is a great first step, Compliancy Group believes that the best way to pass a HIPAA audit is to follow the full regulations put forth by the HHS–and that means finding a total solution that works for your business.

The Guard is more than just a mock HIPAA audit.

  • Business Associate Management
  • Self Auditing Questionnaires
  • Gap Monitoring and Remediation
  • Incident Management
  • Document and Version Control
  • Use and Disclosure Tracking

“The Guard is easy to understand and comes with staff trainings to make the completion of HIPAA in the entire office simple.”

Danielle S, Hartland Eye Care