New Leaf Hyperbarics HIPAA Compliance

New Leaf Hyperbarics offers mild hyperbaric treatments in a clinical setting. New Leaf offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), which is the medical use of oxygen in a pressurized environment to treat a variety of ailments and promote wellness.

We sat down to speak with Chad Redinbo, CEO of New Leaf Hyperbarics about his work with Compliancy Group.

The Challenge

Before joining Compliancy Group, Chad says that New Leaf Hyperbarics was able to find some minor, incomplete resources on the market to try to become HIPAA compliant. These were mostly based on HIPAA training–an essential component of an effective HIPAA compliance program, but only one piece of the puzzle.

“We were still shopping around for a solution when an OCR complaint was filed against New Leaf,” said Chad. “And that’s when we realized how unprepared these incomplete solutions left us. The amount of training, research, and legal knowledge necessary to understand compliance technicalities were far beyond the resources generally available to small businesses.”

Chad knew that New Leaf needed experts in the field to help deal with the OCR complaint and become compliant–and that’s when he turned to Compliancy Group.

The Complaint

New Leaf experienced a violation after a former employee filed a complaint to try to damage the company’s reputation. This is every business owner’s worst nightmare, and it meant that Chad and his team needed to get serious about finding experts to help them respond to OCR’s investigation.

“We took action to remediate the incident,” said Chad. “But we knew we needed to work with a proven solution or advisor to help us navigate moving forward with the investigation.”

The Solution

“We vetted out several companies,” Chad told us. “But ultimately what sold me on Compliancy Group was the peace of mind that my account representative gave me from the very first phone call I made. Not only did Compliancy Group offer a solution for me, but after hearing about the OCR complaint, they got me in touch with their Chief Compliance Officer, Bob Grant, the very same day.”

“As CEO, my time is very valuable and very spoken for. To face OCR alone, and then have to wait weeks to implement a solution was not going to work for me. That’s why the level of commitment and attentiveness from the entire Compliancy Group team made all the difference.”

Chad began working with Compliancy Group immediately to tailor a compliance program to the unique needs of New Leaf using The Guard. The Guard is Compliancy Group’s HIPAA compliance web-app that addresses the full extent of the HIPAA regulatory requirements.

Thanks to New Leaf’s hard work, Chad was able to pass his HIPAA audit. Compliancy Group is proud to say that no client has ever failed a HIPAA audit.

“Everything was really precise, the level of information was outstanding. Compliancy Group gives you great guidance from industry experts. Now we use The Guard to train every new staff member and maintain annual training requirements.”

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