Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Training that educates employees on risks and best practices.

Compliancy Group’s security awareness training educates employees on cybersecurity risks and best practices. Using a PsySec holistic approach to cybersecurity, individuals will be actively engaged and empowered to protect themselves and their digital environments.

With access to an extensive course library, all aspects of cybersecurity – from basic principles to advanced threat prevention are covered. The training can also be tailored to align with employee’s job roles, experience levels, and learning styles, ensuring each employee is trained effectively.

Administrators also get access to advanced reporting tools, allowing them to track their team’s progress and their organization’s overall cybersecurity readiness level.


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An Employee taking security awareness training

Extensive course library covering all aspects of cybersecurity

Manage user profiles, track progress, and assign courses with ease

Videos, interactive elements, and quizzes to keep employees engaged

Automated reports that highlight strengths and demonstrate compliance

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With so many work responsibilities, it can be difficult to keep staff engaged in training. Find out why a PsySec approach is the most effective way to educate your staff.

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