Add OSHA Compliance to Your Dental Practice

Now you can use The Guard to manage both your
OSHA and HIPAA requirements!

Our software offers a comprehensive approach to compliance. Dental practices can now use our software to meet both their HIPAA and OSHA compliance requirements. Streamline your efforts, maintain a safe working environment, reduce the risk of occupational hazards, and demonstrate a commitment to employee and patient safety.
G2 Summer Compliancy Group
ADA american dental association
ADA american dental association endorsement
Spring 2023 G2
“We worked closely with the ADA when developing our OSHA dental product to ensure the material covers hazards specific to dental. With OSHA having hundreds of standards, it can be difficult to determine which apply to your practice. This is why we prioritized making our product as simple and easy to understand as possible.”
– Kelly Anne Koch, Director of Dental Relations, Compliancy Group.”