Webinar: HIPAA Says Stop Sharing Admin Accounts

July 12th @ 1:00 pm ET

Did you know as an IT provider or MSP with just one medical client, you must be HIPAA compliant? When you have the potential to access patient information, the law applies to you. 

Compliance is complex, consisting of policies, procedures, administrative functions, privacy, security, and controls. 

One of the most commonly overlooked controls for MSPs is credential management. Historically, MSPs have been forced to share administrative credentials for clients and internal systems. This creates serious security and compliance risks for the MSP and their clients.

Join Compliancy Group’s Paul Redding, VP of Partner Engagement and Cybersecurity, and Ruffian Software’s Martin White, CEO Computer Engineer, to learn how to protect your business from security breaches, data breaches, and regulatory fines.

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