Any organization that handles PHI (Protected Health Information) is required by law to satisfy all requirements for HIPAA compliance–contrary to the common misunderstanding that a security risk assessment alone satisfies HIPAA regulatory requirements. According to HHS, 70% of the health care market is not HIPAA compliant, while CMS states that 79% of Meaningful Use audits result in failure. The two biggest factors of this widespread non-compliance are: incomplete risk assessments and a lack of understanding between the differences in HIPAA and HITECH compliance. With massive breaches, OCR investigations, and mandatory Meaningful Use audits, Covered Entities are looking to their Managed Service Providers for a solution.

As the leading MSP HIPAA compliance software solution for small and mid-size practices, Compliancy Group provides the answer you’re looking for. Our MSP HIPAA compliance software lets you benefit from our referral or reseller models depending on the needs of your organization.

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When it comes time for a Covered Entity to choose the right Business Associate or MSP, who would you rather go with? The one who is aware of HIPAA and will reduce their liabilities, or the one who won’t? Over 2 million companies (Business Associates) that do business with Covered Entities are not HIPAA compliant, nor are aware of the regulations itself. Business Associates use The Guard to differentiate themselves and win clients through their use and knowledge of HIPAA.

Our unique service with flexible partner options allow you to offer the benefits of compliance-as a-service without incurring any additional expense or resources to do so. In return you can create the maximum profit while providing the optimal solution for you and your clients. Not to mention becoming HIPAA compliant yourself can help gain new clients due to the increasing concern and awareness that Business Associates can be much more of a liability than the security threats they protect.

When clients realize you offer a solution to one of their biggest headaches the decision of which MSP to use becomes clear. By offering services to help your clients become HIPAA compliant with a whitelabeled version of The Guard helps reinforce your branding and creates another medium and reason to stick with your services. Plus remember, as a Business Associate your liabilities are now their liabilities.

It is a Federal Regulation that all Covered Entities and Business Associates that handle PHI are HIPAA compliant. These organizations include but are not limited to, Hospitals, Doctors, Lawyers, cloud providers, hosting providers, shredding services, accountants, storage facilities and any self insured companies.

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“Managed Service Providers MUST stand out from the crowd in order to compete avoid being stuck in the whirlpool race to the bottom. Working with the Compliancy Group and MSPs who offer compliance-as-a-service have a 97% higher chance of winning new business versus those who don’t and generate an easy 150% revenue growth.”

-Stuart Crawford, CEO, Ulistic

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