SaaS Provider Achieves HIPAA Compliance

Learn how Compliancy Group helped a startup SaaS provider

vet partners and achieve HIPAA compliance.


As a startup software provider in early development, Send Mammogram was looking for a comprehensive HIPAA solution for startups to protect patient information. As seasoned healthcare workers, Send Mammogram co-founders were aware of the necessity to comply with HIPAA standards but did not know which aspects of HIPAA applied to their small business. 

When conducting research into companies that could help her startup company become HIPAA compliant, Founder Tillata Gibson discovered that it was difficult to find a company that could help. Send Mammogram needed a complete HIPAA solution, with guidance and support from a live Coach.


Compliancy Group’s total HIPAA solution offered everything the startup software SaaS provider needed for HIPAA compliance. Complete with guided support and coaching, Compliancy Group simplified the process for the startup business to become HIPAA compliant.


Send Mammogram found it beneficial to have a Compliancy Group as a guide, especially when choosing which partners to work with. It was also valuable to have the HIPAA compliance checklist to assess where their company stood in the HIPAA process. 

Working with a Compliance Coach allowed Send Mammogram to quickly evaluate their compliance through guided risk assessments to determine gaps and areas that required improvement. Send Mammogram was impressed with Compliancy Group’s total package including help with annual audits and assessments, remediation plans allowing them to determine what they needed to do to address their deficiencies, breach and incident management, employee training, policies and procedures, and business associate agreements. 

Compliancy Group’s help in vetting partners was invaluable. By sending business associate agreements, Send Mammogram was able to determine if their partners were the right for them. A large part of their business requires transmitting patient files, so making sure they would be transmitting their information with the proper security measures was an asset.

“I came on board during the early development stage of the business. At first, I was hesitant to do so, but I’m glad that I had Compliancy Group with me from the very beginning. Having the knowledge of HIPAA that Compliancy Group provided me really helped when selecting my partners. To have all of that information when selecting my partners to make sure they were checking all of the boxes made me confident in my choices. The Guard is also a great platform. To have all of my HIPAA documentation in one place, and quickly view my assessments and see gaps and remediation plans is invaluable” – Tillata Gibson, Founder, Send Mammogram.

About Send Mammogram

The Send Mammogram story began when the founder was thinking about the most painful part of her job as a mammography technologist – the numerous snowball effects from unavailable prior mammograms. She was sitting on her sofa staring into the clouds and thinking that there had to be a better way when she envisioned Send Mammogram: an idea to transition mammography facilities from the old era of faxing and paper to the new era of digital signatures and mobile apps. Inspired by the mission and vision, two mammography technologists decided to form the founding team to digitally transform the mammography industry with the aim to improve the quality of breast care for millions of women.

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