Streamlining Compliance Management with Software: A Compliancy Group Success Story

Compliancy Group spoke with ProCure, LLC, a user of the Guard, about how our software has helped them to improve efficiency and assisted in building a foundation of compliance.

ProCure faced the challenge of managing compliance efficiently in a way that was easily accessible to a large remote workforce. Prior to using our healthcare compliance tracking software, ProCure relied mainly on spreadsheets to manage their compliance.

ProCure sought a modern solution to improve its compliance processes and enhance risk oversight. Compliancy Group’s comprehensive compliance software empowered ProCure to streamline its approach to compliance and provided confidence in its program effectiveness.

Efficiency and Time Savings

By using Compliancy Group’s software, ProCure was enabled to build a meaningful foundation of their compliance program right inside The Guard. By consolidating all compliance-related data into a centralized platform, ProCure’s compliance was easier to manage. They could effortlessly automate and monitor assigned policies and trainings and track progress. This modernized approach not only saved precious time but also enhanced operational agility, allowing ProCure to focus on core business objectives.

“To have all compliance related data in one place is extremely helpful. To be able to see which policies and trainings have been assigned, to whom and to track progress easily has been very useful.  Also, the ability to set up the assignments so that they automatically assign when a new user is added also adds efficiency to the process” – Kim Andrzejewski, ProCure, LLC.

Enhanced Confidence in Compliance Effectiveness

Utilizing Compliancy Group’s software instilled newfound confidence in ProCure’s compliance strategy. With all compliance data readily accessible and meticulously organized, ProCure could confidently attest to the effectiveness of its compliance plan. The software’s intuitive interface and robust functionalities empowered ProCure to navigate complex compliance landscapes and ensure adherence to regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Utilizing Advanced Capabilities

ProCure leveraged Compliancy Group’s advanced capabilities beyond standard functionalities, optimizing its compliance management processes. With the expert guidance of Compliancy Group’s support team, ProCure implemented a Master Policy Document to consolidate employee policy attestation and enhance user experience.

Confidence in Risk Management

ProCure’s engagement with Compliancy Group’s software bolstered its risk management strategy. With comprehensive compliance insights and real-time monitoring capabilities, ProCure could proactively identify and mitigate potential risks. The software allowed ProCure to navigate regulatory complexities with confidence, ensuring robust risk mitigation strategies were in place.

Effortless Compliance Monitoring

Compliancy Group’s software simplified compliance monitoring for ProCure, providing visibility into their organization’s overall compliance status. The intuitive programs and assessments section offered invaluable insights, enabling ProCure to monitor compliance status, identify areas for improvement, and track key metrics. Automated reminders ensured ProCure remained proactive in addressing compliance tasks, reinforcing a culture of compliance within its business operations.


In embracing Compliancy Group’s software, ProCure was efficiently able to roll out a robust compliance program, transform its compliance management strategy and enhance its risk oversight. By replacing outdated spreadsheet methods with a sophisticated compliance solution, ProCure became more efficient, confident, and agile in their compliance endeavors. Empowered by Compliancy Group’s advanced capabilities and unwavering support, ProCure is poised for continued success in compliance and risk management.

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