Is Google Cloud HIPAA Compliant?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a set of physical assets, such as computers and hard disk drives, and virtual resources, such as virtual machines (VMs), contained in Google's data centers around the globe within various regions and zones. Google Cloud also provides services that emulate the physical hardware and software products that can be resources for users. Many businesses have embraced Google [...]

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Is Google Sheets HIPAA Compliant?

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet offered by Google within its Google Drive service. It was first released in 2007. The issue of Is Google Sheets HIPAA Compliant is discussed below. How Can Google Sheets Become HIPAA Compliant? If you are asking yourself “Is Google Sheets HIPAA Compliant?” then the issue of how Google Sheets is regulated by HIPAA must be addressed first. HIPAA regulations [...]

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