Guidance for SaaS Providers on HIPAA and ChatGPT

The implications of using ChatGPT when you have healthcare clients are real. Open source is not particularly secure, and when your systems have the potential to access healthcare data, you have to think of how HIPAA factors in. HIPAA and ChatGPT ChatGPT is not HIPAA compliant. It’s as simple as that.  The terms of use of ChatGPT allows them to use personal [...]

2023-07-25T10:44:27-04:00February 16th, 2023|

AI Rising: ChatGPT, Healthcare, and HIPAA Compliance

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) large language model developed by OpenAI, has been creating a firestorm of attention since being opened to the public for testing in November 2022. Headlines boast that the chatbot has been able to pass exams at law schools and universities. As AI services like ChatGPT develop, potential benefits and problems are also being identified. At least $11 [...]

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