What is HITRUST for Healthcare?

Often, there is a disconnect between what people think HITRUST for healthcare is and what it actually is. HITRUST is an acronym for the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance. The Alliance is an independent testing organization. HITRUST offers what is known as the “HITRUST CSF®,” a security framework that provides organizations with a comprehensive and flexible approach to HIPAA compliance and risk management. [...]

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HIPAA and HITRUST: What’s the Difference?

HIPAA and HITRUST are acronyms that sound alike, and are related. However, the two terms, HIPAA and HITRUST, embody different things. So what is the difference between HIPAA and HITRUST? HIPAA is a law and HITRUST is an organization. Under the Security Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), covered entities and business associates must develop administrative, physical, and technical safeguards, to maintain the confidentiality, availability, [...]

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