Verizon Introduces Cloud Portfolio to Help Healthcare Industry Meet HIPAA Security Requirements

HIPAA has become a huge part of business for those both directly and indirectly involved with healthcare. With the recent burst of the cloud many companies have taken the leap into providing web based hosting and some are even understanding the value of differentiating themselves making their service HIPAA compliant. Many companies are seeking web based hosting, whether for storage or email, that will allow [...]

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Monthly HIPAA webinar series

Did you know that 3/5 compliance officers don’t know the difference between risk assessment and HIPAA compliance in regards to Core Measure 15? This lack of knowledge in this industry is leaving many people and practices open for breaches and fines. We at The Compliancy Group thrive to serve as more than just compliance tracking software but also as a center of education for HIPAA and Meaningful Use.   [...]

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