What to Look For With HIPAA Certified Cloud Services

Many companies who need to be HIPAA compliant are looking for scalable options to meet their growing IT infrastructure needs. Cloud-based solutions offer greater flexibility than traditional in-office solutions, but what do you need to consider before trusting cloud HIPAA compliance? What to Look For With HIPAA Certified Cloud Services: Who Needs them? The HIPAA regulations divide businesses into two groups based [...]

2023-07-26T14:24:37-04:00July 6th, 2022|

Is Google Workspace HIPAA Compliant?

The ease of use of Google products has made it a popular choice for businesses across all industries. Google Workspace, formerly referred to as G Suite, consists of several Google products, including Gmail, Calendar, Meet, and Drive. As a healthcare organization, ease of use shouldn’t be the only determining factor when choosing what software platforms to use.  The main determining factor should [...]

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