What is HIPAA Compliant Secure Text Messaging?

Many patients want their healthcare providers to send them texts allowing them to access their ePHI. Does HIPAA permit this, even if the text is not secure? Yes. A patient asking for a text with this information is making the request under the HIPAA privacy rule right of access provision.  “Your way, right away” carries the day here, apologies to Burger King. [...]

2023-01-13T13:52:07-05:00January 9th, 2023|

Is OhMD HIPAA Compliant?

Improved technology and the recent pandemic created new opportunities for healthcare practitioners and their patients to communicate electronically. OhMD has developed a platform rich with features, including two-way texting, video visits, and patient calling. While its features may be impressive, potential users must ask, is OhMD HIPAA compliant? What Makes a Software Tool HIPAA Compliant? Regarding software, there are specific indications of [...]

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