Is Twitter HIPAA Compliant?

Using social media to promote your business can be an excellent way to grow your practice. But have you thought about how HIPAA plays into your social media strategy? Twitter, for instance, can be used, but with certain restrictions. In the traditional sense, Twitter is not HIPAA compliant. Why? Twitter does not sign business associate agreements (BAAs) with users.  Twitter’s Terms of [...]

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Is Digital Marketing HIPAA Compliant? 

Is digital marketing HIPAA compliant? The answer isn't so simple. The nature of digital marketing requires businesses to analyze customer data through several types of tools such as SEO, ad platforms, CRMs, and other marketing software. However, to be HIPAA compliant each of the tools that you use must be compliant. To provide guidance on the subject, below is our take on HIPAA compliant digital marketing. Digital Marketing [...]

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How HIPAA and Marketing Intersect: Social Media, Websites, and Email Marketing

Whether you're a marketing firm looking to break into healthcare, or a practitioner looking to start an email marketing campaign, understanding HIPAA marketing compliance is absolutely essential to finding success in this increasingly digital age. The HIPAA Rules set specific regulatory standards that must be upheld during the marketing in healthcare process. HIPAA compliant marketing standards should form the backbone of any healthcare marketing effort. [...]

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