68,000 Patients Affected by Indiana Healthcare Breach

Methodist Hospitals based in Indiana experienced a phishing attack that affected 68,039. Phishing attacks occur when hackers send an email disguising themselves as trusted entities, often prompting recipients to click on a malicious link. The healthcare breach allowed access to the email accounts of two Hospital employees from March 13 to July 8. In response to the breach Methodist Hospitals recommended that patients monitor their credit reports and [...]

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Indiana Healthcare Group Hit by Third-Party Data Breach

The protected health information (PHI) of more than 30,000 US patients may have been exposed in a data breach involving Managed Health Services (MHS) of Indiana. The breach occurred when unauthorized persons accessed employee email accounts at LCP Transportation, a partner of MHS, according to a recent security alert from the organization. MHS serves Indiana residents through the Hoosier Healthwise and Hoosier Care Connect Medicaid [...]

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