Is OneDrive HIPAA Compliant?

The convenience of using cloud storage has caused many businesses to use the technology. In the healthcare industry, the ability to quickly access patient’s protected health information (PHI) from various systems is important. However, when choosing a cloud provider, organizations working in healthcare must ensure that the service is HIPAA compliant. Is OneDrive HIPAA compliant? HIPAA Business Associates Agreements The Health Insurance [...]

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Microsoft Office 365 HIPAA: What Covered Entities Need to Know

Microsoft Office 365 is the most recent incarnation of Microsoft's long-running Office series. SharePoint Online, a relatively new addition to the usual Microsoft Office line-up of word processing and business management tools, gives users access to a secure cloud-based storage system. The HIPAA Omnibus Rule requires that all cloud storage providers be HIPAA compliant as business associates (BAs). Under federal regulation, a BA is considered any organization that [...]

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