Are You Using a HIPAA Compliant FTP Server?

An FTP or File Transfer Protocol server is a standard communication protocol used to transfer files between computer systems. However, not all FTP servers are created equally. Some are HIPAA compliant, while others are not. When using an FTP server to send files containing patient protected health information (PHI), it is essential that the product you are using is HIPAA compliant. Are you using a HIPAA [...]

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HIPAA Requirements for Sending PHI

Healthcare entities require a means to easily share protected health information (PHI). When sending PHI it is imperative to keep HIPAA requirements in mind. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) set forth industry standards for creating, storing, and maintaining of PHI, including HIPAA requirements for sending PHI. Email The most convenient means of sending PHI is via email, however when sending PHI through [...]

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