Get HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliance software coupled with live guided coaching for an easy way for MSPs and Telecom Resellers to get compliant.


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Everything You Need for Compliance

Our software, The Guard, provides everything required by the law to be compliant. Create and store personalized documentation, employee training and attestations, breach notifications, assessments, and more. Our coaches will walk you through the entire process until you are compliant.

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Resell or Refer to Your Clients

Selling HIPAA compliance can be hard if you don’t have the right approach. Using our sales and marketing team, as well as our portal to download whitelabeled marketing collateral, send email/social campaigns. As an extension of your sales team, selling compliance-as-a-solution has never been easier!

Earn Your Seal of Compliance

The Seal of Compliance verifies and validates that users of The Guard have made a good-faith effort to satisfy the federal HIPAA requirements and have the documentation to illustrate it. The Seal is a great way to demonstrate to your clients your dedication to the protection of their data

Third Party Verification and Validation

“Managed Service Providers MUST stand out from the crowd in order to compete avoid being stuck in the whirlpool race to the bottom. Working with the Compliancy Group and MSPs who offer compliance-as-a-service have a 97% higher chance of winning new business versus those who don’t and generate an easy 150% revenue growth.”

Stuart Crawford, Ulistic