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  • OSHA

  • Customizable Programs

  • SOC 2

  • CIS

  • And more!


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The Guard empowers you to take full control of your compliance journey with Custom Programs. With the flexibility to upload your organization’s unique policies, procedures, and audits, you’re equipped to tailor your compliance approach to your organization’s unique requirements.

Plus, you can craft custom attestations that precisely reflect your standards and needs.

Compliancy Group provides an OSHA program with the materials you need to fulfill OSHA in your practice. Protect your practice while giving your employees the confidence to do their job safely.

  • Simplified— Instructions, recommended processes, and templates.
  • Automated— Training and audits that fulfill your OSHA requirements.
  • Guided — Guidance and instructions on how to use the material and software.

Don’t let OSHA overwhelm you. Get a structured plan to simplify your compliance today!

Illustrate your dedication to safeguarding healthcare data and adhering to compliance standards by demonstrating your SOC 2 readiness. The SOC 2 framework provides a holistic approach to evaluating and enhancing your organization’s security stance.

The Guard’s SOC 2 framework:

  • Facilitates adherence to attestations for pertinent policies and procedures
  • Conducts essential Cloud and Device Inventories
  • Streamlines Vendor management
  • Ensures a robust incident reporting and response system
  • Facilitates essential training requirements

Designed for the complex healthcare cybersecurity ecosystem, The Guard’s CIS framework addresses the unique threats targeting your (and your customers’) sensitive patient data.

The CIS framework helps you:

  • Ensure your systems are fortified against evolving risks.
  • Achieve a higher level of regulatory adherence.
  • Arm your organization for the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.
  • Earn trust among stakeholders by showcasing your commitment to robust cybersecurity practices,
  • Minimize the risk of security incidents

“The Guard helps me to create programs that are follow the regulations to a T from a HIPAA perspectiv