Has Your MSP Growth Slowed?
Here’s How to Turn It Around Using Security

Why do MSP businesses slow? Shrinking opportunity, increased price pressure, boredom, or you just can’t seem to get meetings with new logo prospects?….the list goes on. But security can fix all of this! The fact is, every prospect needs security, and even though your competition says they “Do Security”, only a handful really do. In this session I’ll show you how to incorporate the kind of security prospects need, and how to inject new life into your business in 3 easy steps.

Monday April 16th 3:00 ET/12:00 PT

In this upcoming Livecast, we will uncover:
  • Incorporate the kind of security prospects need

  • New strategies for attacking new prospects

  • inject new life into your business

Presented by David Stelzl, Author of The House & the Cloud,
Digital Money, & From Vendor to Adviser.

For the past 13 years David has been consulting with and scaling up technology companies around the world. Working in 6 continents, partnering & consulting name-brand technology manufacturers and technology distributors you partner with today.

Stelzl has authored some of the only books specifically written to the security technology sales industry. His titles include, The House & The Cloud and Digital Money. He’s created world-class training programs, holds one of the most recognized security certifications (CISSP), and provides top-notch coaching services to entrepreneurial  thinkers looking to multiply their business.