Understanding DSCSA and How It Impacts You

Created by the FDA to ensure that our national drug supply is safe from counterfeit drugs, and that our pharmaceutical supply is safe and effective, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) builds a nationwide electronic database that will track the ownership history of prescription drugs.

InfiniTrak’s upcoming webinar on Understanding DSCSA and How the Law Impacts You is a great opportunity for dispensers to learn more about the law and how it impacts your business.

While the law itself is complicated, the gist of this webinar is simple: we understand when talking about compliance that it’s important to define what the law means to you. We will address the essentials and cover the important parts of the law that impact you today and understand what to expect into the new year ahead.


What we covered in our general overview of the law:

  • The Requirements of the Law & Your Process in Place
  • What is a Suspect or Potentially Counterfeit Product?
  • Understanding Transaction Data

infinitrack DSCSA compliance