The Virtual HIPAA Security Audit was designed for the busy, overworked covered entity or business associate. Let our HIPAA auditor experts coach you quickly and inexpensively through the complex world of HIPAA/HITECH compliance. The Virtual HIPAA Security Audit includes: audit assistance, Gap identification, and remediation plans as well as a six-month review. The sessions create a project plan that will identify how and who to involve with the process, what the gaps are, what needs to be done, and how to become compliant. The daunting task of HIPAA compliance, security risk assessment, and Meaningful Use Core Measure 15 is quickly and easily solved via the innovative Guard Virtual HIPAA Compliance Audit. Only Compliancy Group offers this advanced web-based solution combining the knowledge of Compliance Coaches and technology to avoid the high cost of an unnecessary on-site HIPAA Compliance Audit.

The Virtual HIPAA Audit Includes