HIPAA compliance can be a burden on optometrist. That is why Compliancy Group was named an endorsed business partner of AOA Excel to help optometrist simplify HIPAA compliance through FREE HIPAA educational webinars as well as discounted use of our software.

Please use the form below to register for our webinar or to learn how our software can help you satisfy the full HIPAA regulation.

According to HHS, 70% of Covered Entities in the health care market are not HIPAA compliant, while CMS states that 79% of Meaningful Use Audits resulted in failure. Find out how to avoid common mistakes that result from misunderstandings of the regulation. Doctors of Optometry will learn how they can take HIPAA compliance into their own hands to protect their practices from upcoming OCR audits and fines.

You will learn why:

  • A Risk Assessment is not enough to satisfy HIPAA
  • Your Risk Analyses need to be completed annually
  • Policies and Procedures must be updated and reviewed
  • Your employees must attest to each Policy and Procedure
  • Employees must complete HIPAA training each year
  • A Culture of Compliance is the only way to protect your practice

The Guard is more than just HIPAA compliance software.

  • Business Associate Management
  • Self Auditing Questionnaires
  • Gap Monitoring and Remediation
  • Incident Management
  • Document and Version Control
  • Use and Disclosure Tracking