What are HIPAA Regulations?

What are HIPAA regulations?  The HIPAA law was implemented to improve the healthcare insurance system. The tiers or approaches were targeted at Privacy, Security and Transaction Code Sets (How claims are submitted).  These approaches were created to make all of Healthcare to be on the same page.  One approach of the HIPAA regulations is to protect privacy. This is in Title IV which defines rules for protection of patient information. All healthcare providers, health organizations, and government health plans that use, store, maintain, or transmit patient health care information are required to comply with the privacy regulations of the HIPAA law.

How Does the HIPAA Affect Me?

The complete HIPAA law is concentrated in simplifying the health care system and ensuring security for patients. Title IV is a safeguard ensuring the protection of privacy for your medical information. Along with ensuring your privacy, the HIPAA law is intended to lead to reduced fraudulent activity and improved data systems.

For more information on HIPAA Regulations please visit:  www.compliancy-group.com/hipaa-rules-and-regulations

what are HIPAA regulations