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HIPAA Compliance

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Compliancy Group simplifies the HIPAA compliance challenge whether you’re an experienced compliance expert or a front desk manager. The Guard is a cost-effective, web-based software solution that addresses every aspect of  compliance.  Our proprietary Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain methodology with Compliance Coach support helps to satisfy the entire set of HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus, and PCI regulations.

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Pass Your HIPAA Audit.

The Guard comes with our HIPAA Seal of Compliance, use The Guard and you will pass your HIPAA audit!

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Compliance in 3 Easy Steps.

Let The Guard simplify your HIPAA compliance challenge.  Everything you need to become HIPAA compliant in one spot, no additional cost, plugins, or installation.

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3 Steps to HIPAA Compliance

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HIPAA Expert Support.

A guided walkthrough of HIPAA compliance by one of our Compliance Coaches to make the journey to compliance quick and painless.

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